Hello there, 

Welcome to Miss Mco's blog. I thought I'd start off by introducing myself and tell you a bit about myself and my brand. 

I started Miss MCo to bring my two passions together.. Dance/Circus and costumes! I've performed all over the world as a very successful dancer and aerialist and worked many years for Royal Caribbean Cruises and a Dancer and Featured Aerialist. Whilst onboard I also used to take care of all the costumes for the cast (Which is ALOT of costumes) Everytime the costumers came onboard I was fascinated with the speed and skills they had when altering and adjust every single costume to fit us perfectly. 

After leaving Royal Caribbean, I worked predominately in the UK as an aerialist and always seemed to find it super hard to fit someone that tailor made costumes for me. So I ended up putting my skills to work and making my own. 

Over the years I realised this is something I wanted to progress further, and then Miss MCo was born. 

I have products that I dropship. All leggings and sportswear I've tried and tested myself for vigorous training for dance/aerial and pole, which I still train. And then you will also find all my handmade pole sets. Some are made and ready to ship and others are custom made. I also take requests, but they need extra time to put the idea into action! Its great fun, and I do hope you will continue with me on this journey, because this is only the beginning! 

I also now work back for Royal Caribbean as a costumer! Putting my own skills and speed to the test! The people that I admired and looked up to and learnt so much from and now the people I get to work with, taking care of some of the greatest costumes out there! Let's hope we get back sailing soon! 

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